Collaborative House’s involvement was to create the floor plans, design and manufacture the sustainable beds and select the bathroom appointments for the units. Additionally, CH designed the space plans and furnishings for all of the community spaces and public areas—including the main lobby, the community room, the community kitchen, the art room and the outdoor patio areas. Using our design concept of the architect’s vision, we provided these large open spaces with an ultra- modern yet inviting atmosphere through the use of warm vibrant colors that interacted well with the architect’s accent color of a robin’s egg blue. Our goal was to blend the openness of this cavernous beautiful urban contemporary space with a feeling of warmth for the residents to enjoy….many of who thanked us for making this feel like they were finally home.

The large airy community kitchen is designed for tenant interaction and get-togethers; offering TV, bingo games and cooking classes among other activities.

The courtyards—visible from community areas through the walls of glass—offer the tenants outdoor eating and social areas as well as a large communal vegetable and fruit garden.

The cozy community room is a welcome addition to a large urban development. The juxtaposition of warmth and open spaces works well together and has successfully created a happy welcoming environment for the tenants.