The United Friends of the Children is dedicated to the premise that foster youths
deserve a successful adulthood. Through the housing and education programs,
foster youths are provided with the opportunity to graduate from high school,
attend and graduate from college, get a job, find housing and have a support
system that moves them gradually towards independence. The United Friends of
the Children’s goal is that the youth in their programs not only survive, but that
they thrive.

The Palace Hotel now simply called the Palace is a high profile restoration of a
landmark building which includes 13 apartments for young adults who have aged
out of the foster care system.

The renovation of the historic 1929 hotel includes a ground floor retail space, a
managers unit, and common roof deck areas in addition to the 13 apartments.
The ground floor is being used to provide children with the opportunity to
perform, create arts and crafts, and have workshops. They also provide training
sessions and even yoga classes for the community and the residents.

Collaborative House selected beautiful and colorful modular furniture and storage
units to house materials and supplies. Our purpose was to create a youthful
environment and get them engaged into their activities with a positive attitude.